Wednesday, February 13, 2008


I wish there was a more visibly-pleasing way to photograph my cakes. Bakerella takes the most amazing pictures of her cupcakes and other assorted treats. She has a knack I lack (heh!).

It usually happens that I'm decorating my cakes in the evening after everyone has gone to bed. This gives me the most uninterrupted time to zone out and do my thing. This also means I'm taking my cakes with me (or in most cases, dh is taking them to work) early the next morning, so I don't get any good natural light. Short of setting up a studio in the office, it doesn't seem like I'll get that eye-catching photo.

Could it be my camera? We have a small 8.1 megapixel Sony Cybershot, which I've always liked. It's taken great pictures of the family.

Could it be me? Most likely. I think there's a great deal of user-error. The camera has many scene options with variable flashes, and I can't seem to determine which takes the best picture.

Cake position? Possibly. For the non-tiered cakes, I have to hover over them, which creates even more shadows, and I don't have a tilting cake turnstile (which may or may not help).

Alas, what to do? Thoughts?

Oh and by the way, I'm completely bored by my blog. I'm going to pep it up with more color and probably select a new layout/background. Check back soon!

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Gigi said...

I have had great success with using large poster board as my background. Buy the largest piece you can find (at least 36"x36"). Don't fold or put a crease in the board just let it bend naturally. I like white for dark or cloudy days. What little light I have really shows up with the white background. And I have an old point & shoot camera with no zoom. I hope this helps.