Monday, April 7, 2008

Ferrari Cake

Last week, and at the last minute, dh's co-worker asked if I could make a Ferrari or BMW cake. Having never made a car cake and personally, not polished enough as it is in cake decorating, I knew this was a challenge I wasn't ready to take on. Not to mention, he wanted it the same weekend I already have a cake due and will also have family visiting from out of town.

I told him no. He asked for it on a different date. I told him that I didn't feel comfortable making a car cake, but would consider making a normal cake adorned with the car's logo. He was okay with that option and opted for the Ferrari logo.

The cake he requested was only serving a few people. And since it was going to be small, I took creative liberty on this one too.
Since most Ferrari's are red, I wanted to cover the cake in red fondant. But I didn't want to make red fondant (a big, messy pain), so I just bought a 2 lb tub of Satin Ice from my local cake supply store.

I have raved about Satin Ice fondant in the past, but I did not enjoy working with it this time. I've become very accustomed to the maliability and ease of use of my homemade mmf. I've perfected the recipe so it comes out exactly how I want it each time. The SI fondant was hard and once I placed it on the cake, it cracked and tore. Fortunately, I was able to save it (the cake).

Here's a picture of the logo dh's coworker requested. He actually wanted the cake in the shape of the creative liberty said, well, no. It was simple enough, and the horse was the last thing added.

I will admit, the horse stressed me out A LOT. While putting together the shape and colors was relatively easy, I didn't want to have to make another one, so my first pass had to be the one. Not great, but it was good enough!

Dh's coworker LOVED it! (smile)

8", three-layer red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting. Covered in red Satin Ice fondant and decorated with mmf accents. Airbrushed with 'old gold' luster dust. Horse logo drawn on with black Americolor Food Writer pen.

With the scraps I made red velvet & cream cheese frosting cake balls (about 55 pieces). SOOooOO good! I don't really care for red velvet cake because of it's nondescript taste. It's just buttermilk cake with a hint of chocolate, but the red color completely throws me. I expect fruity or something other than what you get. But the smushed combo is quite divine when covered in chocolate (or white chocolate in this case).


Gigi said...

A car lovers dream cake!

Tartelette said...

Now, that's some skills! My scribblings would have been everywhere!!

Anonymous said...

That is a cute cake! I like the idea of cake balls. I do agree with the taste of red velvet cake....very nondescript!!!

Anonymous said...

hi, im going to make something like this nxt week and i just wna ask how you did the horse on the logo... any tips? thanks and your response will be greatly appreciated :)

BellaLovesPink said...

The horse is hand drawn w/ an americolor food writer pen.

You could also cut out an image of the horse and trace around it w/ an edible pen, or create an impression in the fondant/cake and paint it w/ food color.

Thanks for checking out my blog!