Monday, June 23, 2008

A Few Of My Favorites

I haven't caked in a while, but expect to be pretty busy in the next few weeks. So, I just thought I'd share a few of my favorite cakes I've made over the past year.

Made for Alicia's 2nd birthday. She's a big fan of Kipper the Dog, so it included a figure of Kipper and his friends. 10" round vanilla cake w/ fresh strawberries & cream filling. Covered in homemade mashmellow fondant.

Probably the biggest and most fun cake I've made. From head-to-toe, he was approximately 25" long and 4" tall. Butter cake w/ vanilla buttercream filling. Covered completely w/ homemade marshmellow fondant.

Halloween 2007. Snoopy and the Great Pumpkin cake. I stacked two bundt cakes and covered in Satin Ice fondant. Spice cake w/ cream cheese frosting.

Ferrari cake. Made for dh's coworker. 8" red velvet cake w/ cream cheese frosting. Another tall cake at 4". Covered in red Satin Ice fondant and decorated w/ homemade marshmellow fondant. The logo was hand-drawn using an Americolor Foodwriter pen.

Happy Valentines' Day! I really like my heart-shaped pan and wanted to make 'conversation heart' cakes. Strawberry cake w/ vanilla buttercream and vanilla cake w/ vanilla buttercream. Both covered/decorated w/ homemade marshmellow fondant.

Max & Elijah's 2nd birthday cakes. Surprisingly, probably my most challenging cake to date. I had to work w/ two mediums in an unusual pattern. I don't often make cakes decorated only in buttercream, but this was a combination of vanilla buttercream and black Satin Ice fondan for the mouse ears. I used a crusting buttercream, which was not completely smooth before placing the fondant ears on. The challenge was not bleeding the red w/ the beige. Turned out well, tasted great and the mom's were happy!

Made for dh's office. 9" x 13" vanilla sheet cake iced w/ vanilla buttercream and covered in homemade marshmellow fondant. Hand-cut the Intel logo and used Tappits letter cutters for the letters. I liken it to a big bar of soap.
Any my all-time-favorite cake, my daughter Avery's 1st birthday cake. It'll be a challenge to see what I can create for her 2nd birthday, but this cake was a lot of fun to make. And my mom was along for the ride to help. All the figurines are hand made. Lower tier is butter cake w/ vanilla buttercream icing. Top tier is chocolate w/ a chocolate/hazelnut filling. Covered and decorated w/ Satin Ice fondant.


Anonymous said...

You are really, really talented! Seriously!

adozeneggs said...

wow! very impressive. I love the Snoopy and the Sponge Bob. I found you on Pink Cake Box and love your cakes. Oh, also the conversation hearts, so cute. I recently made Sponge Bob cookies for a client and we feature a conversation heart cookie collection for Valentine's Day.
I'll be checking back again, love love love your cakes!

Unique Gowns said...

I just LLLLOOOOOOVVVVEEEEE Sponge Bob ! How clever of you ! Well done :) Dana