Friday, March 6, 2009

My 1st Wedding Cake

What I thought would be stressful and unraveling was anything but. Thanks in large part to good preparation. I say, if you're going to do a wedding cake, there are no last minute, late night, cake fests. My preparation was scheduled. Hmm, interesting, I guess all my cakes should be, eh?

I bought all my ingredients last week, baked and made icing/fondant in the evening during the week and took Friday off to get after it. It's nice to be able to get things done w/out any distractions. Just my iPod. I was able to ice and cover four cakes in two hours. And the royal icing detail took about an hour. I used a custom-made stencil by to match the bride & groom's invitations

The bride and groom wanted their cake to feed 150 people. And decided on alternating layers of red velvet and white cake, both filled and iced w/ swiss meringue buttercream. I love SMBC. It takes a little longer to make, but it's so good. They also requested two orders of cake truffles. It was a 14-12-8-6 cake.

I hope they liked it as much as I enjoyed making it for them.
Congratulations Dane & Becca!!


Jennywenny said...

Wow, that is spectacular! Congratulations, what beautifully clean fondant.

The stencil type decoration looks lovely, what did you use?

BellaLovesPink said...

Thanks Jennywenny! This was a lot of fun. I had a stencil custom made from DesignerStencils dot com to match the bride & groom's invitation.

GolfRube said...

You are amazing!!

My Sweet & Saucy said... turned out gorgeous! Love the design!

Bridget said...

That is beautiful! Wow!

Syarlilady (shar-lee-lay-dee) said...

Hi. I just found your blog. I salute you for being self-taught and able to produce this fondant cake. I tried to make a fondant by self-teaching for a colleague's wedding. It was tough like rolling a giant piece of rubber. I went to a class once and knew what I did wrong. Wow, this is amazing. Self-taught fondant. I couldn't do that.

Monika said...

Wow, wonderful design on this wedding cake! I love stenciled cakes so much!
Your blog is great!