Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Catching Up

I'm long overdue posting the cakes I've made recently. It's quite a shame actually!

So, for my Grandmother's 80th birthday celebration in Las Vegas, I was asked to make a cake. My grandmother wears big hats to church every Sunday, so I was asked to create one in cake. I had a lot of problems with this very simple cake, and it pained me to give it to anyone, but my grandmother LOVED it! So that made it all OK.
Three layer 8" cake, both chocolate and vanilla with vanilla buttercream filling. Covered and decorated with mmf. 50/50 gumpaste bow.
While we were in Vegas, we also surprised my dad for his 60th birthday. He's a die-hard New York Yankees fan, so a baseball cap cake was appropriate. Everything was going beautifully for this cake until my airbrush stopped cooperating, which was right before I needed to paint the bill. If you didn't notice, airbrush and paint brush painting look ENTIRELY different. Additionally, my fondant was VERY soft and after several days, still didn't harden/dry enough to hold a true bill shape.

6" carved round cinnamon chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream filling. Covered with mmf. Gumpaste logo.

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