Tuesday, November 10, 2009

*fingers crossed*

That's what I do every time I enter a giveaway from a fellow blogger. Yep, I hate to admit it and it sounds awful using the term, but I am a giveaway whore.

I'm nearing my four year anniversary of blogging (on my other blog) at the end of this month. And in my four feeble years, blogging has swung from people posting random thoughts and musings, then wondering (or hoping) someone else other than themselves might actually read it, into thousands of hits per day for those who've found a niche audience.
And you know what, corporate America has taken notice.
So much so, that blogs have sponsors. And sponsors give things to these bloggers to give away to their readers. There are those super cool bloggers who buy or make awesome stuff to give away, but if you're generating traffic to your site in areas that impact big business, it can definitely work in your favor.
Cooking and baking are unique fields of interest because there are so many needs and uses to create delicious and becoming food. And in hosted giveaways, appliances, utensils, cookbooks, product, gift cards, apparel, jewelry, aprons are things I've come across so far. I've seen a lot because I've entered a lot of giveaways*. And guess what? I've won a couple of times too; see that cool apron I'm wearing? I just so happened to have won that in a giveaway hosted by i♥cuppycakes in February.
It's a virtual lottery.
I follow a lot of blogs, especially food blogs, and more than those listed to the left in my blogroll. There are some amazing bloggers out there who have become so popular that they've gone on to publish books, cookbooks and even make television appearance with your better-known foodies.
They are everyday people who enjoy what they do and want to share it with other everyday people like myself. The only exception is that they're now virtual celebrities with free stuff to give away. I like that. Not just because I might win, but because these are products or companies that they'll stand behind. Products I might be willing to actually spend money on because they've brought this amazing-must-have-item to my attention.
Not that I wouldn't want to, but I'm not sure I'll ever be in a position to host a giveaway. I certainly appreciate those who do and am grateful for the opportunity to participate. Even when I don't win, I'll still keep going back to those blogs for the delicious eye-candy, tips, and recipes and imagining the winners squealing with excitement just like I did.
*Just so you know, I don't enter EVERY giveaway I come across.

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Anonymous said...

The whole giveaway thing is amazing right now, isn't it? I think this is its golden age. Lots of wonderful swag and the chances to win are crazy-high. Since I just now figured this out, I figure the golden age is just about to wrap. That's how it works.