Sunday, November 8, 2009


Last week and this weekend, I was busily working on a cake for a twin's 3rd birthday. I originally thought I'd make two separate cakes, since it was both a Tinkerbell and Cars themed party.
As the week progressed, the idea of making two cakes overwhelmed me when I thought of all the baking and fondant I'd need to make. I do have a full time job and those darned familial obligations as wife and mother. So, there was obviously no time for that. I then sketched out a two-faced cake, and I'm super happy with how it turned out!

12" cinnamon chocolate fudge cake with vanilla buttercream and 8" white cake with white chocolate swiss meringue buttercream. Covered and decorated with marshmallow fondant.

In my opinion, Tinkerbell left much to be desired and unfortunately, I don't have any close-ups of either figurine. Lightening McQueen turned out better than I thought; it was fondant but decorated mostly with royal icing. I'm finally becoming a little bit more confident piping. And I thought the royal icing stitching between the two designs was SO cute.

More caking to do for next weekend! Another 3rd birthday!


Rebekah said...

really cute! You did a fab job on it!!!

Amanda said...

Amazing!! This looks impossibly difficult... such a wonderful result!


SweetThingsTO said...

Wow - that's a great idea! Looks great... and hard to do!

Annette said...


This is fantastic! I was just searching cake balls and it pulled up your blog. I love it! Really, I am jealous, I could never do anything near this. But I have a friend who is also a cake hobbist. I will direct her to your site!

Cakedreamer said...

I love the stitching idea! That's a fabulous solution! I tell ya...making all that fondant and icing is much better to have a solution like this! :)