Monday, November 22, 2010

Julie's Cake

I made my first vegan cake to help celebrate a friend's birthday!  I researched a few different recipes and scoured the web looking for vegan fondant.  Who knew that Satin Ice, which I have used before and can easily find, would be just what I needed. 

I struggled somewhat decorating this cake though.  My swirls kept sliding, which affected the coloring of the airbrushed cake.  Thankfully, I know exactly how to do it cleanly next time.

8" vegan red velvet (so freaking tasty) & 5" vegan vanilla sour cream cake, filled and iced with vegan cream cheese frosting.  Covered and decorated with Satin Ice fondant (which is also vegan).


Stephanie said...

Beautiful design! Really like your scrolls.

Shristi Mishra said...

Gorgeous cake! Where did you get your vegan red velvet recipe? I would love to get it as I have a lot of vegetarian relos who keep requesting vegan cakes and all I can offer them is Vanilla or Choc!