Monday, November 8, 2010

Omarr's Graduation Cake

Dionne, whose birthday cake is below, wanted to surprise her husband Omarr with a graduation cake. He recently graduated from the University of Phoenix with a Master's in Justice & Security Administration.

She gave me free range for the design, which got me excited to try something different.  I thought stacked books was a much more mature design than a round, colorful cake with a graduate cap topper. 

I did a little research and used courses listed in his degree program as book titles.  I airbrushed the cake to give the books a leathery and worn look, which I really liked.  Accented with gold, the school logo was hand painted and the cake personalized with a standing, gold, fondant letter 'O', which was added to the cake upon delivery (so I don't have a picture).

I'm very happy with the outcome and Omarr was too!  So much so, he didn't want to cut it! *smile*

White cake with vanilla buttercream.  Covered & decorated with marshmallow fondant.


SweetThingsTO said...

Great job on the books - fabulous airbrushing!

dearheart said...

Awesome. Love. All of it.

Jen Vesper said...

Gorgeous!! Clean and very nicely done.