Friday, December 17, 2010

Shawn's Cake

This is by far one of the most unique cakes I've made.  And one that required some ingenuity and structural pieces.

My friend Laura wanted to surprise her husband with a cake for his 35th birthday!  Both she and her husband Shawn are really into curling.  You know, the sport!  They belong to a club, so it's not just an enjoyment of the sport, it's a participatory activity for them.

So, she wanted to surprise him with a curling rock (or sometimes known as a stone) cake and I was happy to oblige.

Having never seen a rock in person, I was working entirely from a picture, but I wanted it to be very close to actual size. 

It was a fairly simple cake.  I carved a three-layer, 10" round and used 1/2" PVC pipe pieces to make the handle. My piping around the edges needs some work. 

Overall I'm very pleased with the cake and the birthday boy LOVED it!

Out for delivery
Cinnamon chocolate fudge with raspberry swiss meringue buttercream.  Covered and decorated with marshmallow fondant


Jenniffer said...

Very cool cake - you did a great job!!

SweetThingsTO said...

That is such a cool cake idea! Looks perfect!