Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Cigar Cake

Made a cigar cake for my co-workers' 50th birthday.  All things considered, I thought it turned out well, though, it did kind of look like a loaf of bread.  Next time, I'll include a burnt end and maybe make it a little longer.

Two 9x13" cakes, stacked & carved.  German chocolate cake w/ coconut pecan filling.  Iced with dark chocolate ganache and covered/decorated with MMF.


Canterbury Cakes said...

Very cool - looks like it went down well!

~Special K~ said...

Looks great and just the flavor I need to make soon, but smaller. Thanks for sharing pics.

newport cigarettes said...

Yup, making it longer will give it more cigar-like. It does look good and delicious with all that chocolate.