Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Notebook

When I first started caking, I pulled directly from my Joy of Cooking cookbook for my cake and ganache recipes. I used Wilton fondant and turned to the CakeCentral website for inspiration and how-tos.
My first cake was a hot mess. The cake was dry and my fondant application left much to be desired. Matter of fact, the best thing about this cake was the ganache, which sadly, years later, I have not been able to replicate, neither in consistency nor flavor. I'll attribute this to the Colorado altititude, which by all accounts MUST have made my cake try too, but I'm not pointin' fingers.
Almost four years later, I like to think I've come a long way. And over time, I've graduated from keeping my multiples print-outs of recipes and cake photos spread throughout my house, to consolidating it into a little notebook.

Yep, I'm a lefty.

My cute little notebook houses mostly recipes that I've tried and go-tos, of sorts. But it also has detailed notes of the amount of cake, buttercream and fondant I needed and used for a four tiered wedding cake serving 150 and things of that nature. Doodles, stationary I think would look cute as cake, and a running list of random cake musings and tips too.

God forbid I ever lose this thing.

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