Saturday, June 19, 2010

Mindy's 30th

Mindy's 30th birthday party was a blast and I was both happy and excited to provide the cake.  My thoughts now tell me that one should not try new techniques for such momentous occasions.  Hindsight things *sigh*. 

Any-hoo, Mindy loved it and I'm not terribly unhappy with how it turned out.  I definitely learned a lot from the experience and actually look forward to trying another.

10", 7" and 4" cakes.  Bottom tier was yellow cake with Hershey's chocolate buttercream, middle tier was white cake with strawberry filling and the top tier was white cake with vanilla buttercream.  All covered and decorated with marshmallow fondant.


Evie said...

It's great! I've never tried topsy turvy, but I've always wanted to. I think you give great advice though...I'm always trying to do something new each time and sometimes it comes back and bites me!

Mindy and Jeremy Cull said...

oh my gosh, I loved my cake! What was the dilema on the cake??????????